Monday, December 15, 2008

Things that are starting to break down:

1. Every printer in the law school. Apparently, there's one still working. Folks are getting cranky.

2. The entire right side of my face. Jaw, teeth, chapped lips, runny nose, sinuses, red eyes, sore throat--everything just aches. I know it's all connected. I know it's all caused by stress (convenient, since I don't have time to go to the doctor). But right now I just want to do what my sister had to do to her cadaver in first year med school and just saw my face in half vertically. The left brain is the logical one and that seems more useful for exams anyway.

3. My sneakers. I always get a hole in the same part of the right sole before anything else wears out and it's happening again. Right now, I can still wear them whenever--but they're fast becoming warm/dry weather only shoes.

4. Peace in Bosnia

5. My will to study any more tonight--luckily, I just have a little bit more on partnerships and then I can do corporations tomorrow. UGH. This next exam is going to be no fun at all.

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