Saturday, December 13, 2008

Great Moments From Religious School Today

1. My wonderful male teacher aide from first session gamely attempting Israeli dance.

2. How calm the kids were when we played dreidel. And how much more coordinated they are at spinning it now than they were when I had them in kindergarten.

3. Making sure everyone had the correct hats, sweaters, boots, hoodies, mittens, etc. and was all bundled up. I imagine it must get annoying for parents to do this a million times, but when it's only once a week it is so darn cute.

4. A bunch of kids were absent from second session, so I was left with just four girls. I mentioned that it reminded me of college, and my teacher aide (I know! A teacher aide for just four kids! I was blessed) who's a junior in high school told me she was going to apply to Smith and loved it when she visited. Super exciting!

5. Getting chocolate from one of my students. It is simultaneously the absolute last thing I need (my dietary habits are not all they could be during finals, that's for sure) and utterly perfect and necessary.

A bonus #6, to tie in to yesterday: at services, the rabbi was telling the story of Hannukkah and told the kids "you are lucky to live in a comfortable time, when no one tells you that you can't be Jewish." And one kid raised his hand and said "yes, but right now it is also uncomfortable because of the economy." So we talked a little about how governments provide different kinds of security for us (protecting our money, our rights, the environment, against invasions, etc.) and how some governments might be better at some of those things than others.

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