Friday, December 5, 2008

DC Neighborhoods I Might Live In Next Fall

1. Shaw (I'll be working here, so it makes good sense)

2. Logan/Dupont Circle-ish (there's a bus that runs all along P Street, which would be convenient for getting to work)

3. Columbia Heights/U Street-ish (easy Metro commute, plenty to do, and I have my fingers not-so-secretly crossed that if I decide to live with roommates, a certain owl-roofed house might have a spare room)

4. Eastern Market (because I love it, not because it is particularly practical or affordable).

5. Kalorama/Adams Morgan-ish (see 4)

Meanwhile, it is way too early to look for housing for next August or September. Especially since seriously 2/3 of the listings on craigslist are for housing for the inauguration.

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