Tuesday, December 9, 2008

DVDs I've Watched This Semester

1. 27 Dresses: because sometimes it is cold outside and everybody's got a cold and you just need something to watch where you can kind of zone out for a while and not miss anything. And Katherine Heigl not being as crazy as on Grey's Anatomy (seriously? ghost visitations?)

2. Ratatouille: oh my gosh so good. I mean, I've walked around DC enough at night to have seen real rats. And I am not a fan. But I was a fan of Remy.

3. L Word Season 5: I won this in an online raffle. It has provided much solace (and probably reduced GPAs, but oh well) during finals period, and my school's GLBT group will use it for a sleepover/Lword marathon before season 6 (the last one! sad!) starts in January.

4. Street Fight: I had rented this about 3 times before and never watched it, but a friend of a friend was involved in making it and I'm really into Cory Booker (he won the law fellowship I got rejected for! clearly that makes him an awesome-r person than me, at least) and it was pretty good. I wish it had more balance, but when Cory's opponent's supporters kept trying to assault the camera guy and break his equipment, I guess there's only so much you can do.

5. The Cheese Nun: Seriously. I am not making this up. It's only an hour long (perfect for study breaks) and it's about cheese (which I love, see my affection for the Cheesetique store in Del Ray) and nuns (I am really fascinated with nuns. If I were born Catholic, I think I might have liked to be one)! I think after the bar exam I should go to France and apprentice myself to the Cheese Nun for a month. Also, just the title makes me happy (and my roommate thought it was HILARIOUS). Try saying it to yourself; you will smile, I promise. Cheese Nun. Cheese Nun! I am the cheese nun. I am the walrus. koo koo ca choo.

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Sarah said...

I am so not a fan of the ghost plot line in Grey's...