Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things I've Cooked Recently That Turned Out Surprisingly Well

1. Moroccan vegetable stew over quinoa

2. Apple upside-down cake

3. Tomato-eggplant curry

4. Butternut squash and sage lasagna (this also froze really well in single-serving was like making my own fancy-pants organic TV dinners, but cheap).

5. Moo shu vegetables


Jen said...

yum! what recipe did you use for the tomato eggplant curry?

Stacy said...

I just made one up...basically, I sauteed a bunch of garlic and onions and added chopped tomatoes. While they were cooking I sliced and roasted some Japanese eggplant (the skinny little ones). I mixed it all together and added ginger powder (I didn't have any fresh stuff), a lot of Madras curry powder, and some cayenne pepper.

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