Friday, December 12, 2008

Signs of the Recession, Michigan Style

1. Layaway at stores--I hadn't seen this since I was very little.

2. Sign twirlers outside stores that are going out of business.

3. Clusters of students around the TV in the art and architecture building, watching the auto bailout hearings.

4. The religious school I work at always has a toy drive for kids living in a local domestic violence shelter. This year, the parents living there said toys would be nice, but what they really need are toiletries, diapers, over-the-counter medicine, baby food and formula, etc.

5. Trying to steal the library's donation box. As I've noted before, I love public libraries and really like AADL's director. She has some sort of disability that already required her to walk with a cane, so I'm doubly pissed that she had to be injured foiling a theft.

a bonus 6: Law students prostituting themselves for tuition payments (this probably doesn't have to do with the recession but how crazy is that?)

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