Friday, December 19, 2008

drinks I've consumed in the past 24 hours

1. bellini at eve...very swank and grown-up (the bar. the 9 law student ladies and one gallant husband-of-a-law-student were not particularly swank or grown up, but that made it even more fun)

2. malternative (leftover from my half birthday party) with my roommate upon returning home from eve.

3. orange juice (could've been a mimosa, but i have my limits) at this morning's Buffy Brunch. I'm not a huge buffy fan, but vegan pancakes, holiday cookies, 3 wonderful cats, and 3 wonderful friends were definitely worth tromping through a blizzard.

4. pear cider at ashley's with a law student/high school teacher/scientist contingent.

5. a lot of water. water is key.

can you tell finals are over?

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Congrats on being done! YAY!