Monday, December 8, 2008

Good Places to Get Cupcakes

1. Cake Nouveau, Ann Arbor. Not my favorite cupcakes (cake a little dry, frosting a little buttery) but the store is SO DARN CUTE and the owner won a Food Network challenge.

2. Cupcake Station, Ann Arbor. Better cupcakes with a better variety of flavors than #1, and a block closer to my house. Mini cupcakes, too, for when I'm feeling indecisive. But it's weird that their reading selection only includes back issues of Car & Driver and other auto magazines.

3. Sticky Fingers, Washington DC. Don't think about the fact that they're vegan (unless you're a vegan, in which case rejoice). The chocolate with raspberry filling makes me so happy. Seriously, if I got married in DC I'd want a tiered pile of these as my wedding cake.

4. Buzz Bakery, Alexandria VA. Sort of out of the way, but adorable and dog-friendly and just lovely. To be fair, I've never tried their cupcakes, but I had an awesome blondie from there at an Oktoberfest last fall and it completely made up for the fact that all the other stands were out of food and I don't like beer.

5. Home-made. Always wonderful.

I'm heading out soon for a cupcake study break with the Outlaws, which inspired the topic. Sadly, there hasn't been all that much studying to take a break FROM, but it's hard surmounting the 3L apathy. Maybe if I baked my professors cupcakes....

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Kick-ass Cupcakes, Somerville, MA