Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things that are even more random than usual

1. Today I saw a dead bat lying in the law quad.

2. Last week I was gushing about how nice the new business school was and how I wanted to try their cafeteria because it looked really fancy (not that I don't love the law school snack bar, with its dollar grilled cheese and its $1.55 bagel/egg/cheese breakfast sandwich and the cashier who offers to rinse off the apple you buy....though I do wish they'd bring back the muffins they used to serve, and replace the styrofoam cups with something a little eco-friendlier). And the next day it turns out they had some sort of norovirus outbreak there and 30 people got sick and wow maybe I'll wait a week or two to eat there.

3. It was really stinking cold here for a while (like -13 degrees as a low, finally got around to putting the plastic on my window, slept with all my blankets and a sleeping bag, colder than when I went to northern Finland in January, left my cabinets open so the pipes wouldn't freeze cold) and there is still about a foot and a half of snow on the ground (leading to last night's snowbank situation, involving four public interest law women, three different thai dishes, 2.5 shovels, 2 honda civics, one wonderful tow-truck operator with chains, and innumerable bad-date stories). It's amazing how much warmer 20 degrees is than 3 degrees. And yet, how cold I still am when it's 20 degrees. It MAY get above freezing for a couple of hours later this week. But probably not.

4. I got really into Michigan basketball, and now they're not doing so well. I didn't watch their game tonight, which probably means it was awesome. (Note: just checked. They're down seven points at the half. So maybe not awesome, unless you're Penn State).

5. I cooked this and it was REALLY good (I think you can leave out a tablespoon of oil and the sour cream to make it healthier, I added more carrot and onion since they're cheaper than mushrooms, and subbed in cremini for portabellos...and if you use margarine instead of butter, which is what I did, it's vegan! hooray!). So good I'm going to freeze the leftover red wine (I don't really like red wine) so I can make it again sometime that mushrooms are actually on sale.

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