Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Classes I'm Taking Next Semester

1. Transnational Law (not really interesting to me but it's required)

2. Taxation of Individual Income (I am actually really excited about this!)

3. Family Law (also very excited, both because a lot of the subject matter overlaps with my favorite fall class, Children and the Law, and because a lot of my favorite fellow students will be in it too)

4. Evidence (not very excited, especially since it starts at 8:45am, but since it turns out I'm going to be a litigator next year and not the transactional lawyer I always thought I'd be, it seems important)

5. An independent study that will also be my urban planning thesis. It's going to be case studies and analysis about getting community benefits from public and private developers of transportation projects (bridges, roads, airports, etc.) --there are administrative and contract law ways to get these benefits, and the research might help community groups deciding which avenues to pursue. I'm a little daunted about writing 60 pages because I am NOT a very self-directed writer or researcher (see: the fact that my note has been about 5 pages away from finished for the past year. See also: the days where I'd go to the library all day for my Picker paper and write half a page. See ALSO: the fact that I didn't finish my paper for a class I took in the fall semester and am trying to finish it this week--it's due the end of January). But I have to get it done, or else I don't get my MUP and my sister coming up from Houston for my graduation is a little silly. That seems like pretty good motivation.

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