Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Baby News

1. My cousin had triplets on Monday!

2. They join their big brother Jaxon (just turned 3).

3. Their names are Keegan Reese, MacKenna Dylan, and Greir Charly (all girls). Jaxon was pushing for Batman, Robin, and Spiderman but I guess he got outvoted.

4. Two weighed 2lbs 15oz (since two of them are identical twins and one's a singleton, I think the twin were the smaller ones but that's just a guess) and one weighed 3lbs 14oz, and they and their mom are as healthy as can be expected.

5. Since they live in Arizona I doubt I'll see them anytime soon. But I am hoping for pictures!

Bonus 6: A girl I went to school with on Long Island had her baby this week too (thanks, Facebook!). Since none of my close friends are even near to that point yet (few are married, some are engaged or practically so, and a lot are single or in more casual relationships) it was exciting and happy and strange all at once.

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