Saturday, January 10, 2009

Proof That I'm a HUGE Nerd

1. I like Bluebooking so much that I save it for the end when I write papers. I find it's even more fun when I listen to boy bands while I do it.

2. I tape the best voicemails people leave me. On audio tape.

3. Needlepoint. People, knitting is cool--see: Stitch & Bitch. Quilting is cool: some folks I lived with in college, people who are so much cooler than me I can't even believe they talked to me, are starting a quilting group out in Oakland. There's even a book and website about subversive cross-stitch. But nothing, you'll note, about needlepoint.

4. When I move this summer, there will definitely be significantly more boxes of books than clothes.

5. This morning when I found out at 7am that we had a religious school snow day my first two thoughts were:
a) Hooray! Now I can go sledding!
b) Oh darn--we had a really nice lesson planned about Jewish books and it tied in so well with our library visit!

For the record, thought c) ("I'm in bed! I can stay in bed! ZZZzzzzz.") won out.

Bonus #6: I know extraordinarily few of the songs on Rock Band (although I do love watching people play it, and if I could get a chance to practice in private first I think I'd really like to try the drums). Why? Because the radio I listened to most in high school was WCBS News Radio 88 and the Lavender Wimmin Radio Show on WUSB Stony Brook. Now, if Rock Band had a part where you could do the New York City traffic report, or some Ani songs, I would be a star.

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