Thursday, January 8, 2009

Irrational Fears

1. Finding a dead mouse in my washing machine (this happened to me once, in 1L year. It was gross but I coped).

2. Mold around the underside of the washing machine lid (also happened. I coped). Between that and #1, it's quite a quandry as to whether I should leave the machine's lid up or down when I'm not using it.

3. Every time someone I care about gets sick or needs surgery, that they have cancer (again, it's happened. Rarely. We coped. Are you sensing a theme?)

4. That really I have no friends and the people I think are my friends are being paid by my parents (or Medicaid. I don't know) as sort of home-health aides for my social life. Yes, I realize this is not exactly likely or supported by evidence. And goodness knows, with the way Medicaid works, I'd probably be getting a lot more paperwork to fill out if this were the case.

5. Getting sued for malpractice next year. At least I hope this one is irrational.

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