Monday, January 26, 2009

M Memories

Since my friend M (known in my previous blog life as The Eagle) is going to have a bit of a rough day tomorrow, and since she is one of the approximately three people who read this with any regularity, I figured I'd dedicate this post to her with a list of one (or more, because seriously it was hard to choose) awesome memory from each full year we've known each other.

1. 2004: Sharing a 437 sf studio (seriously. I just looked it up) and taking all our classes together and (despite not being old enough to drink at this point) coming out of it better friends than when we started.

2. 2005: A tale of two Dons--one of whom we put in a dunk tank, and one who dubbed us departmental liaisons.

3. 2006: The world's most awkward office-hours experience. Also, a surprise thesis-finishing party and the creation of the famous map.

4. 2007: July 4th, with its crazy parade, H&M visit, patriotic cake-baking, fireworks, and lots of talking sums up a lot of what was great about the non-work aspects of that summer (though it leaves out trivia and 8:55 tequila shots at 1223).

5. 2008: Winter--Operation Crazy [200(0)]8s. Spring--24 in Baltimore and Racin' for Jason. Summer--PieFest 3.0 and Team Roger Federer Gave Me Mono. And the Fall of Full Disclosure.

Bonus 6: 2009 has already featured playdates both with parents and without, and I am looking forward to Tequila O'Clock, grad school acceptances, and goodness only knows what else.

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