Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why I'm Looking Forward to Spring Break

1. No school! No homework (well, I should do some studying for the week when I get back, but nothing due for a week!)

2. It will be WARM. In Michigan, highs next week will be in the high 20s and low 30s. In New Orleans, it’ll be in the 60s almost every day, and sometimes in the 70s.

3. Road Trip! Future Stacy from next weekend is shaking her fist at me right now, but I’m actually looking forward to the (16 to 18 hours each way) drive. The 1L my roommate and I are driving with seems nice, we have a doohickey to play our ipods through the car speaker, I’m packing vegetarian snacks for the road (my contribution since I’m not helping drive), and we’re doing it in two days on the way down (only one on the way home). The road trips I took in college (northern Vermont and DC, both sophomore year) were so much fun.

4. Volunteering for a few days at a really cool group that deals with green building and energy use in the city, and possibly one day with a public defender.

5. Sightseeing—we’ll be in town during Mardi Gras so that should be really exciting. I got a guidebook from the library and already know I won’t have enough time to see everything I’d like to. Oh well; I’ll just have to go back some day! New Orleans seems like a great place to visit for a long weekend or something.

We leave Saturday morning—I have a lot to do before then but I can’t wait!

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Anonymous said...

sounds fun!
Have a great time! (I'm jealous, we still have about 4 weeks until spring break)