Saturday, February 7, 2009


1. Wallet, fall of junior year of college, in the registrar's office at college. They returned it soon after.

2. Keys, winter of my junior year in college, while making a snow angel en route from the co-op I lived in to the co-op the person I was dating at the time lived in. Recovered soon after, with the help of a flashlight.

3. Con law book, spring of 1L year. Since the book is about 1400 pages and about the size of two cinderblocks, not quite sure how I managed to misplace it. Never recovered.

4. Phone, last fall, approximately 72 hours after passing up the opportunity to get a spare one or sign up for loss-protection insurance (switching from an individual plan to a family plan), in an airport shuttle van. Never recovered. Luckily, I still had my old phone, which (despite having a talk time of about 35 minutes between charges, a crappy camera, and an inability to charge while turned off) is built like a brick, a fact I am often grateful for because I drop it probably once a day.

5. Keys, tonight, somewhere between my house and the Kroger checkout line. Not a huge deal--it's easy enough to make a new copy of the house key, I can easily replace my Kroger card, and the only other thing on it was my bike lock key, but yuck. Hopeful it'll be returned.

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