Sunday, February 15, 2009

Memorable Valentine's Days Past

1. 2000: 10th grade, first girlfriend (a senior!), ordered each other carnations from student government to be delivered during homeroom. Unbeknownst to the other, we each quoted Melissa Etheridge in the cards we sent along with them.

2. 2003: First Valentine's Day in love. Cards with every word scrutinized (seriously, I did drafts of my valentine), photo booth pictures, a sushi dinner.

3. 2004: In January I decided that I wasn't going to date anyone until after Valentine's day because how awkward is it to deal with V-day in a new relationship? My sister came to visit. There was a party at my co-op. At about 12:02am on 2/15, after my sister had gone to bed, I end up making out with a party attendee in the living room. We dated on-and-off for the next year and a half.

4. 2005: Things were not going terribly well with the person from #3 (note: now we're friends! probably better friends than we were when we were dating) but we still got it together for hot cocoa and fancy chocolate mice from Burdick's.

5. 2009: My parents sending tulips, a friend driving ~10 hours to visit, drinks and photos, ziti pizza, pretty snow, flannel sheets, religious school, cocoa and conversations, the roommate and I nominating each other for law school awards (hers made me cry), six 3Ls sharing dessert and wine and telling stories of disgusting injuries and accidents, home to bed before midnight.

It might not have been typical, but I felt loved nonetheless.

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