Sunday, November 30, 2008

Reasons I Donate Blood

1. People really need it--when my brother was being treated for cancer, it was amazing how much better he felt after a transfusion.

2. It's irreplaceable--donating money isn't a substitute, and no one can give extra blood to make up for what I don't donate.

3. For everyone I know who can't give because of ridiculous and sometimes discriminatory rules. All of my gay male friends, women who've dated bisexual men, people who've gotten tattoos in the past year (even with sterile needles, at licensed places), anyone who's ever lived in Africa, etc.

4. You meet friendly donors and nurses. And sometimes you get pins or t-shirts or coupons or other fun things.

5. It's a chance to lie down and relax for a while. And you HAVE to eat cookies afterwards. It's an actual rule.


Sarah said...

I try to donate to my local hospital, since apparently my travels in Europe mean that I am full of mad cow disease. I do it because:
1. I bleed really fast. Seriously, when I'm well hydrated it's a ten minute affair.
2. I like cookies.
3. The nurses are all really nice.
4. It doesn't hurt.
5. It's neat to give something away that you can make more of without even thinking about!

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Jen said...

love the new blog!