Friday, November 28, 2008

Beverages I Dislike

1. Beer: seriously, once my boss took me to a brewery and I got a pint of beer--it was the only thing they sold there--and I made it through the foam and then had to stop because I was going to puke.

2. Tea: I can handle it with lots of milk--this is how I made it through having tea with the Sheriff of Nottingham (I am not making this up. There is an actual Sheriff of Nottingham, whose duties are largely ceremonial these days, and in 2001 I had tea with him while an exchange student in England) but I don't really enjoy it at all.

3. Kombucha: it's tea (see #2) but fermented. bleccccch.

4. Any sort of low-sugar juice with Splenda in it. I don't care how many people tell me they can't taste the difference. I CAN.

5. Vernor's ginger ale. People in Michigan are big fans, for some reason. I'm a big fan of ginger ale in general (including in Shirley Temples!) but this just doesn't taste the same.

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