Thursday, November 27, 2008

Memorable Runs

1. 1996 Hershey Track and Field Youth Nationals--by some crazy twist of fate, I ended up on New York's 4x100 team--we came in fourth, but just as much fun as the meet was getting to fly to Harrisburg, take a tour of the Hershey factory (the real one, not just the ride at Hershey Park), go on all the rides, and meet kids from all over the country.

2. 2004 Rockville Twilighter 8k: My first footrace with Tess--I remember being so thrilled by the people standing on their front lawns spraying us down with garden hoses. The DC area in July is HOT.

3. Summer 2007 when Tess and I ran 5 miles along the Mall in the mid-day heat and afterwards, outside the Metro Center station, a pigeon crapped on my head. Tess gave up the last of her water to rinse out my hair. Now THAT'S a true friend.

4. 2008 Race for Hope: My dad, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, some of my aunt's friends, and six of my friends all raising money for brain tumor research. I even convinced my friends to wear shirts with ridiculous illustrations of my brother's brain. What incredible people.

5. Today's Turkey Trot in Ann Arbor--not my fastest time, not the flattest course or the best weather (my arms went numb about halfway through) but it was great to get outside and see some friends and burn some calories before dinner. And playing with an adorable dog was just icing on the cake--despite suffering the consequences now. I've NEVER had an allergic reaction to animals before, so this is very weird. Thank goodness for antihistamines, curling up on the futon, and watching the Detroit parade.

And you? Any good athletic experiences?

Happy thanksgiving!

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